Driver Risk Management and E-learning

for as little as £5 per driver.

CHOICES LITE is the perfect way to get started with fleet risk management and driver e-learning. New for 2021, this option will start 10 of your drivers on their journey towards safer and more efficient driving.

For just £50 you get:

Access to CHOICES LITE for 10 drivers
Detailed risk assessments for each driver
Access to 4 key e-learning modules
6-months’ access with the option to upgrade
Assess your drivers’ attitudes, knowledge, observation and hazard perception skills
E-learning modules for each driver on 4 key topics
Access your CHOICES LITE account on mobile


CHOICES LITE is a version of our online driver training and risk management portal, designed to help you realise the benefits of online fleet risk management without the need for a lengthy or expensive contract.

CHOICES LITE lets you offer your drivers some of the key tools needed to make a real improvement to the safety and efficiency of your fleet. You’ll be able to put 10+ drivers through a detailed risk assessment, after which they’ll have access to 4 of our most popular e-learning modules.

From your dashboard, you’ll be able to see the results of all risk assessments and driver training, so you can begin to see the ongoing risk profile of your fleet, as well as which drivers could benefit from on-road training.

Drugs and Alcohol

Motorway Driving

Speed Awareness

Driver Distractions

The full CHOICES platform...

CHOICES LITE grants you access to some of the great features of our full fleet risk management and e-learning portal, CHOICES. After your first 6 months you’ll have the option to upgrade to the full system for just £20 per driver for a further 30 months’ access.

Click the video to find out more about the full capabilities of CHOICES.

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