Five benefits of on-road training

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On-road training is a great option for fleet managers looking to improve the skills of their drivers on a one-to-one basis, providing them with detailed and immediate feedback on their at-work driving skills. Below are five benefits of on-road training and why you should be considering it for your fleet:

  • Address the development needs of individual drivers

    Checking your employees’ driving history, subjecting them to risk assessments and using technology to monitor their behaviour, all contribute towards a driver’s risk profile. However, in themselves, these checks are not capable of producing a change in a driver’s attitude, skill level or behaviour. A practical, one-to-one training session remains the most effective way to address the development needs of individual drivers, as it gives a trainer the opportunity to observe their behaviour and provide targeted coaching.

  • Put theory into practice

    On-road training enables drivers to put into practice theory they have learned in real time, in real-life scenarios, cementing their new learning through immediate experience and feedback.

  • Improve fuel efficiency

    Driver behaviour is critical to improving fuel efficiency of fleets. Equipping drivers with the knowledge and skills to achieve significant fuel savings could see a reduction in fuel costs equivalent to 15p per litre.

  • Reduced incident rates and associated costs

    The fundamentals of defensive driving – Observation, Anticipation and Planning – can be taught and then used to by drivers to avoid collisions, benefitting their own safety and that of other road users, and reducing unplanned costs for their employer.

  • Continue to progress

    On-road training provides delegates with a comprehensive Driver Evaluation Report, detailing their performance and highlighting any development areas to focus on after on-road training.

If you think on-road training is right for your fleet, take a look at Driving for Work, our flagship on-road training course that covers all aspects of business driving including vehicle risk assessments and enhanced driving behaviours – helping to make your fleet safer and more efficient. Contact us us today to find out more.

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