The IAM RoadSmart Manifesto – The Role of Business Drivers

By 4th December 2019Whitepaper
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With nearly 30% of the UK’s fatal and serious road collisions involving someone carrying out a work journey, it is clear that business drivers are a high-risk group of road users. However, their significance to the UK’s road safety picture is often overlooked by policy makers, employers and the general public alike.

For this reason, driving for work has been made an area of focus in IAM RoadSmart’s road safety manifesto, but what actually needs to change in order for business drivers to begin making a positive contribution to road safety statistics?

In this whitepaper, we examine the factors that influence driver risk, and take a deeper look at the contribution that could be made by government agencies, employers and drivers themselves to improving the safety of those who drive as part of their working lives.

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