What’s the value of driver e-learning?

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Online risk assessment and e-learning solutions can be the driving force behind implementing your driver risk management strategy. As a fleet manager, you may look to these for ways to improve drivers’ skill and behaviour, but there are additional benefits that they can bring.

Provide accurate driver risk levels

    Risk management solutions can help to calculate an estimated level of risk for each individual driver. This initial stage can be based on elements such as highway code knowledge and interactive hazard perception tests, from which fleet managers can assign targeted e-learning modules. By providing accurate risk levels, fleet managers are also able to make more informed decisions about the level of training needed for each driver.

Tailored content for your fleet

    Not all fleets are identical: some may be a large mix of traditional and grey fleet, while others could be comprised of a small number of specialist vehicles. Whatever fleet you have, e-learning allows for the creation of bespoke training modules that have the most relevance to the type of driving that your drivers undertake. It also means multimedia content and video tutorials can be used for engagement, again on topics applicable to your fleet such as vehicle loading or tight-space manoeuvring.

Expert advice

    E-learning means that every driver can benefit from receiving advice from training experts, even if they don’t have the opportunity to participate in an on-road course. Questions and modules designed by fleet trainers mean they can pass their expertise directly onto business drivers.

Anytime reporting

    Using an online management suite means that fleet managers can access the results of any audits and e-learning whenever they’re needed. It also means that any changes to a driver’s details or eligibility to drive will flag automatically, as well as suggestions for drivers that require on-road training.

Cost-effective training

    An e-learning solution can be the most cost-effective way to deliver training. Fixed-fee packages allow for the training to be delivered to larger fleets for a set cost per driver, while all fleets stand to benefit from reduced longer-term costs through reduced numbers of on-road incidents.

Ensuring compliance with fleet policy

    If you’ve spent time creating a comprehensive at-work driving policy, you’ll want to ensure that all drivers are familiar with the different areas it covers. E-learning provides the opportunity to create driver induction modules for new starters, meaning that key areas of your policy are reinforced from the start of their employment.

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