Government confirms: no changes to MOT rules yet, but more consultations likely

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The UK government has confirmed that no immediate decisions will be made on changes to MOT rules once the current consultation ends. The Department for Transport (DfT), and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), have said that further MOT consultations are likely to open before any changes are made.

The six-week consultation, which began in January, was opened by the DfT and DVSA primarily to discuss the current rules about when new vehicles must have their first MOT, and test frequency, to ensure MOT rules are “fit for the future.”

The proposals, which could lead to fewer, less frequent MOTs, have led to widespread road safety concerns, including from the AA and RAC, who have signed a petition to retain the current setup. Major industry bodies have also stated that the proposed changes are “dangerous and damaging.”

In a meeting conducted by the Independent Garage Association (IGA) and Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA), the DfT said that ministers are focusing on saving consumers money and want to use the consultation as an opportunity to evaluate if any areas of the MOT can contribute to further savings. However, the DfT and DVSA have said that no immediate action will be taken, despite the Government’s impact statement stating any legislation changes would be implemented from 1 April 2023.

The government departments revealed that consultation responses submitted after the closing date on 28 February 2023 would still be considered. They also stated that further consultations based on the initial information and responses provided are likely to take place. All parties have agreed to continue working closely at every stage of the consultation process to ensure that public safety and the needs of the industry are being thoroughly considered.

Stuart James, IGA chief executive, said that they appreciated the DfT being open about many of the questions raised and understood that cost implications for consumers and advances in vehicle technology are the main drivers behind this consultation. However, he added that the UK’s roads are amongst the safest in the world and expressed a hope that the Government would not make decisions that would cause any increase in road casualties.

James also suggested that it may have been more appropriate to break the consultation down into smaller subject areas to ensure that road safety is not impacted by any of the many changes being considered. The IGA will continue to work to ensure that road safety and the public are protected as the consultation progresses.


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