Our People

The quality of our products, the standard of our training and our level of service, all depend on the people who make it happen. Find out more about the people you’ll work with at IAM RoadSmart.


Business accounts team

Our hard-working team of account managers are more than just your ‘named contact’. They are the consultants who will help you to put in place an effective fleet policy, create a risk management strategy that suits your business, and provide you with on-going support as you implement your training programme.


Area Service Delivery Managers (ASDMs)

With a nationwide network of trainers, our ASDMs are responsible for ensuring the continuing high standards of training and service, serving both as regional service coordinators and as assessors. All are themselves accomplished drivers with illustrious backgrounds in professional driving, driver training or the emergency services, and they are instrumental in the on-going development of our training programmes.


Our trainers

All of our on-road courses are delivered by Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), and we insist on our ADIs being fleet registered as a prerequisite for delivering our training to business drivers. This gives you the reassurance that they have an understanding of the driving environments encountered in the lives of those driving on business, and that their approach to training and development is focused appropriately for them.


Customer care team

Our friendly team in Welwyn Garden City are integral to the smooth running of your training programme, and will help you with any day-to-day enquiries and administration of course bookings, even for training solutions that have been developed specifically for your business.

Request a call back

Give us a call on 0870 120 2910, or send us a message and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.

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