Fleet Safety Posters

Download our free road safety posters. Print and display them to remind your business drivers of the best ways to stay safe on the road.


Alcohol and Driving

Any amount of alcohol can have severe consequences when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our Alcohol and Driving posters have been designed to remind your drivers of the key reasons why drinking and driving should never be mixed. It’s always best to have none for the road.

Seatbelt Safety

In 2018 31% of people killed in vehicles were not wearing their seat belt. Click below to download and display our seatbelt safety posters and remind your drivers of the reasons to wear their seatbelt, no matter how many times they get in and out of their vehicle.

Driver Fatigue

Fatigue is a major contributor to on-road crashes in the UK. Our Driver Fatigue posters showcase some of our top recommendations for avoiding drowsiness behind the wheel, particularly important for business drivers who spend long periods of time on the road.

Parking and Manoeuvring

Fixing scratches and dents can be a big expenditure for fleets, often happening at low speeds and in tight spaces. Show your drivers the best way to avoid picking up damage on their vehicles by displaying our Parking and Manoeuvring posters.

Driving at Night

With 40% of road collisions occurring at night, it’s important for your drivers to understand and anticipate the hazards that night-time driving can bring. Print and display our Driving at Night posters to remind your drivers of these key considerations.

Rural Driving

Of all the on-road fatalities in 2018, the majority (58%) occurred along rural roads. Print off our Rural Driving posters to remind your drivers of the unique hazards that these roads present.

Eco Driving

Maintaining momentum and avoiding harsh braking and acceleration is the safe way to increase your MPG. Use these Eco Driving posters to give your drivers top ways of saving fuel or electricity when driving.

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