Find out more about our driver training courses and risk management solutions, that help you achieve a safer, more efficient fleet.

On-Road Training

In the car with an experienced approved driving instructor: real-world experience with immediate feedback from an expert.

Driving for Work
Comprehensive course for all business drivers - car and LCV
Vehicle Familiarisation
Introduce drivers to a new or unfamiliar vehicle category
EV Familiarisation
Help drivers to understand electric and hybrid vehicles
UK Familiarisation
Help employees who are new to the country drive safely on UK roads
Learn driving techniques that save fuel while improving safety
Parking and Manoeuvring
Avoid common low-speed collisions when manoeuvring in confined spaces
Managing Distractions
Techniques to help drivers stay focused when driving for work
Managing Speed
Ways to make safe progress at legal and appropriate speeds
Motorway Driving
Understanding the safest, most efficient way to drive on UK motorways
Make progress while reducing the risks by understanding correct overtaking procedure
Driving in Towns
Learn safer ways for negotiating our busy urban road networks
Driving on Country Roads
Deal with the unique driving hazards often found in the rural environment

Online Risk Management and e-Learning

Our RoadSmart online portal and mobile app gives you everything you need for managing driver risk in your business, helping you to establish a better business road safety culture with ease.

Risk management services

Licence check
Automatically check drivers' licence validity and endorsements with DVLA
RoadSmart integrated feature
Fleet audit
Understand your fleet profile and manage your company vehicles and grey fleet
RoadSmart integrated feature
Grey fleet document checks
Manage MOT and insurance validity for a compliant grey fleet
RoadSmart integrated feature
Online driver risk assessment
Assess drivers' attitudes, knowledge, observation and hazard perception skills
RoadSmart integrated feature
e-Learning Modules
Comprehensive collection of online driver education content
RoadSmart integrated feature

Workshops: in-person or online

Group workshops to help you and your drivers get up to speed on the road safety topics of relevance to you. 

Workshop: The Manager's Guide to Risks and Responsibilities of Driving for Work
Toolbox Talk: COAST
Using a planned system to make every journey safer
Toolbox Talk: Speed
Strategies for driving at the appropriate speed to stay safe and avoid penalties
Toolbox Talk: Fatigue
Identifying the signs of fatigue, plus tips for staying safe and alert
Toolbox Talk: Distractions
Understanding and tackling the dangers of distraction while driving
Toolbox Talk: Alcohol
The effects of alcohol on drivers - dispelling some myths
Toolbox Talk: Safety checks
You and your vehicle: are you both fit for the road?
Toolbox Talk: Winter driving
Tips for more confident, safer driving in adverse weather condition

Tailored solutions/Specialist Services

Designed to fulfil the needs of large or specialised organisations for whom an approach that allows them to conduct their own training is more effective, these solutions will give your organisation autonomy in your driver training.

Advanced Standard Accreditation
Develop an IAM RoadSmart-accredited driver training programme for delivery in-house
Assessor Course
4-day course to train your own in-house driver assessor to IAM RoadSmart standard