Taxi and Private Hire Assessment

Our assessment provides reassurance for customers and local authorities that their taxi drivers are qualified to provide a safe, high-quality service

Ensure compliance and support road safety in your local area

Formal taxi driver assessments are an important part of ensuring safe driving standards and a high quality of service for passengers, and have become a key element of our strategy for improving road safety by offering affordable skills development opportunities to high-risk professional drivers.

Our not-for-profit status means any surplus from our activities is reinvested in new road safety initiatives. This allows us to offer our taxi assessment at just £84 (payable by the delegate; there is no financial contribution required from the local authority), making it less expensive than the market average.

A growing number of local authorities offer the IAM RoadSmart assessment as one of their official options, and we hope to establish similar partnerships with all local authorities in due course.

Want to become a taxi driver?


Has your local council asked you to take a taxi driver assessment with IAM RoadSmart? Click here to book your assessment for just £95

What skills are covered by the assessment?

During this hour-long on-road session drivers are assessed on their ability to:

  • Perform a manoeuvre in the road
  • Drive without being given turn-by-turn instructions
  • Perform stops at the side of the road to simulate passenger collection/drop off
  • Answer a range of customer service questions, for example, if you found lost property in your vehicle
  • Correctly answer questions on the Highway Code, including traffic signs and regulations

Make IAM RoadSmart an approved taxi assessment provider

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