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Our market-leading online driver risk management portal is the flexible, convenient, low-cost compliance solution.


Online portal

All business fleets have a responsibility to manage driver risk, but many find it difficult, especially when they have a large workforce, with many drivers based in the field or across several locations. In such cases, organising on-road assessments or training courses can be challenging. This is where CHOICES, our online driver training portal can pay dividends. It makes it easy for all drivers to undergo risk assessment and e-learning remotely, 24-hours a day, and for you to collect and analyse the results with minimal administration.

Driver Profiling

Managed via an intuitive online portal, you will be able to invite each of your drivers to participate in an insightful online driver risk assessment, which they can each access and complete online. The assessment involves several exercises through which a driver’s risk profile can be created:

Highway Code Knowledge

Experience and lifestyle

Interactive hazard perception

Attitude analysis

The portal enables you to collect their submissions with ease, identify drivers with a high risk rating or particular development needs, and assign the appropriate driver training course.

E-learning modules

Your company vehicle and grey fleet drivers will be invited to complete an e-learning course. The syllabus assigned to them will be according to the outcome of their risk assessment. It will target the individual driver’s recommended development areas. You can also choose to make certain learning topics compulsory if you feel they are of relevance. E-learning modules cover a wide range of topics including:

Speed awareness


Drugs and alcohol

Vehicle awareness

Night driving

Winter driving

Route planning

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