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From licence checking to comprehensive risk profiling, our online fleet risk management portal is the easy way to ensure your business drivers remain safe and efficient.


 Manage all of your drivers through one intuitive portal

Licence checks, driver profiling and e-learning

Detailed breakdowns of fleet and individual driver risk

Reduced on-road incidents and vehicle downtime

Automatically identify and train high-risk drivers

Online portal

All business fleets have a responsibility to manage driver risk, but many find it difficult, especially when they have a large workforce with many drivers based in the field or across several locations. In such cases, organising on-road assessments or training courses can be challenging. This is where an online driver training portal can pay dividends, making it easy for all drivers to undergo risk assessment and e-learning remotely, 24-hours a day, and for you to collect and analyse the results with minimal administration.

The CHOICES journey

1: On-boarding and licence checks

This stage adds both company vehicle and grey fleet drivers to the portal and automatically gathers consent for licence checks. There’s also the option to record the estimated mileage and type of driving for each individual.

There are several ways to on-board you drivers, including our card scanner and mobile app that automatically reads and uploads driving licence information into CHOICES.

2: Driver profile

Drivers are invited to complete an interactive online risk assessment which establishes each driver’s risk level across four categories; Attitude, Knowledge, Observation and Hazard Perception.

3: E-learning

Drivers are assigned targeted e-learning modules based on areas highlighted in the driver profile. Scores here contribute to an overall fleet risk rating, allowing fleet mangers to see any gaps for further development.

4: Analysis

Here fleet managers can see detailed breakdowns of individual and fleet-wide risk scores, making it easy to see gaps in knowledge and to highlight key areas for development. It’s also possible to segment data by division or cost centre.

Your drivers will be invited to complete e-learning modules according to the outcome of their driver profile, targeting each individual driver’s recommended development areas. You can also choose to make certain learning topics compulsory if you feel they are of relevance. These additional e-learning modules come at no extra cost and cover a wide range of topics including:

Drugs and alcohol

Motorway driving

Speed awareness

Driver distractions


Winter driving

Hazard perception


CHOICES makes managing company and grey fleet drivers easy through it’s intuitive online portal. In addition to the time savings you’ll see, CHOICES also allows you to make improvements in these key areas:


Save costs by reducing the number of on-road incidents your drivers are involved in, with knock on savings for reduced vehicle downtime. There’s also fuel savings to be had with a dedicated Eco-driving module and advanced driving techniques helping drivers to safely improve their MPG.

CHOICES can also help to lower insurance costs by providing evidence of managed fleet risk, while also enabling you to roll out training quickly and cost-effectively.


In the past, employers were rarely held accountable for failing to comply with Health & Safety legislation in relation to driving. Times are changing and those that knowingly fail to address poor driving will increasingly find themselves vulnerable to prosecution.

With driving being the single most dangerous activity undertaken by UK workers, it’s important to show you’ve profiled your fleet and that adequate training has been given to mitigate the risks associated with at-work driving.


Driver safety should be at the heart of your business culture. By comprehensively managing risk you can improve driver wellbeing through adequate training and development opportunities, helping to promote a safety culture within your fleet.

Targeted e-learning modules and recommendations for further on-road intervention also mean that high-risk drivers are flagged and given the correct tools needed to develop safer driving behaviours.

What about on-road training?

CHOICES automatically identifies high-risk drivers who would benefit from further training, beyond E-learning.

Fleet managers can address the development needs of these drivers with our range of on-road business driver courses, recommended by readers of Fleet News.

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