RoadSmart - the convenient online driver risk management system and e-learning app

Create a comprehensive risk profile for all your drivers, and assign them risk assessments and learning modules via our handy and intuitive mobile app

RoadSmart portal and app

 Manage all of your drivers through one intuitive portal

Licence checks, driver profiling and e-learning

Detailed breakdowns of fleet and individual driver risk

Convenient risk assessment and e-learning app for drivers

Reduced on-road incidents and vehicle downtime

Automatically identify and train high-risk drivers

Managing risk the RoadSmart way

RoadSmart online portal
RoadSmart mobile app

1: On-boarding and licence checks

Create a basic profile of each of your drivers to include their driving licence details, cross checked with DVLA for validity and endorsements, their vehicle details and any associated grey-fleet-related checks, and information about their job role that may be relevant to their risk rating. Send them an email invitation to download our mobile app.

2: Driver profile

Drivers carry out a range of exercises to assess their knowledge, attitude and hazard perception skills, all via our mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices. You can view their results in real time in the RoadSmart portal.

3: E-learning

Drivers will complete a series of e-learning modules on the mobile app, which uses machine learning to assign drivers further modules of relevance to them, or you have the option to assign specific topics. Drivers’ knowledge and levels of interaction with the app are reflected in their ‘RoadRating’ and ‘Willingness to Learn’ scores.

4: Ongoing analysis

Capture a snapshot of each driver’s risk level, flag up any outstanding tasks or notify them of updates to their documentation, or run detailed reports to document your fleet-wide safety performance, all in just a few clicks.

RoadSmart can keep your drivers engaged with road safety long after they’ve completed their initial risk assessment, by providing a range of features that maintain the usefulness of the app in the longer term.

  • Periodically assign new modules to cover seasonal topics
  • Drivers can undertake a range of optional modules to boost their RoadRating
  • Detailed stats help drivers to pinpoint and address their particular development areas
  • Built-in Highway Code keeps the rules of the road at drivers’ fingertips
  • Activate the Social Feed feature to provide articles of interest
  • Use the Glove Box for storing useful info such as insurance details and emergency contact
RoadSmart App Features

Why get RoadSmart?

RoadSmart’s intuitive online portal makes it easy for managers to keep track of drivers’ risk data, and our mobile app makes it easy for drivers to complete their assessments and learning, and helps maintain their engagement with road safety with minimal pressure on their time. In addition to the time savings you’ll see, RoadSmart also allows you to make improvements in these key areas:


Not only does RoadSmart offer a comprehensive driver risk management solution at low cost, the improved safety of your drivers can translate into huge savings for your business by helping to reduce the costs associated with vehicle collisions, including repair costs and downtime, as well as boosting efficiency.

Embedding the RoadSmart system in your business can also help to lower insurance costs by providing evidence of well managed fleet risk, while also enabling you to roll out training quickly and cost-effectively.


In the past, employers were rarely held accountable for failing to comply with Health & Safety legislation in relation to driving. Times have changed and those who knowingly fail to address poor driving will increasingly find themselves vulnerable to prosecution.

With driving being the single most dangerous activity undertaken by UK workers, it’s important to demonstrate that you’ve profiled your fleet and that adequate training has been given to mitigate the risks associated with at-work driving.


The RoadSmart mobile app keeps road safety at top-of-mind for drivers, and lets them know you take their safety seriously. By comprehensively managing risk in this way you can improve drivers’ wellbeing and promote a safety culture within your fleet.

Targeted e-learning modules and recommendations for further on-road intervention also mean that high-risk drivers are flagged and given the correct tools needed to develop safer driving behaviours.

Pinpoint high-risk drivers and provide on-road training

RoadSmart makes it easy for you to identify high-risk drivers who would benefit from further training, beyond E-learning. We can help you to address the development needs of these drivers with our range of on-road business driver courses, including our flagship Driving for Work course, and other targeted courses aimed at developing specific skills.

Interested in our low-cost online solution?

Let us know a bit about your business needs and we’ll show you how RoadSmart can fit your fleet.

Address the needs of individual drivers with our range of on-road courses

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