Skills Development Sessions

The top seven core business driving skills, delivered in bite-sized on-road training sessions. Want to maximise your budget? No other UK provider offers this level of flexibility.

Skills Development Sessions overview

Our flagship Driving for Work course offers a comprehensive training session for business drivers, but you may find within your organisation that there are certain individual drivers whose development needs relate to a specific skill.

This could be a result of their risk profile, a history of certain types of driving incidents, or simply the desire for a refresher in a given area.

Our Skills Development Sessions are targeted driver training courses. These are delivered by experienced Approved Driving Instructors. The courses are focused on equipping drivers with the skills they need to deal confidently with the most common driving challenges with particular relevance to those who drive for work.


These sessions can be used as individual training solutions, or you can use them to create a modular driver training programme, choosing topics of specific relevance to your fleet.

Skills Development training overview:

Vehicle Types:
Cars, LCVs
Course duration:
Half day
Flexible formats available
Single driver training:
1 x 3-hour session covering one skill in depth or 3 x 75-minute sessions covering three skills
Train up to 3 drivers:
3 x 75-minute sessions covering one skill for all drivers or 3 x 75-minute sessions: your choice of skill appropriate for each driver

Are you looking for a tailored driver training solution?

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Learn to deal with the range of challenges
facing at-work drivers

What drivers say…

Really enjoyable and informative session with some excellent advice given by the trainer.


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