Eco-driving training
impacts on fuel costs!


Minor adjustments to driving style can make a considerable impact, delivering savings of up to 15 pence per litre.

Government training subsidies for eco-driving training!

eco-driving approved

Administered by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the government currently offers a subsidy for eco-driving training for fleet drivers. Accessing the subsidy is simple: just book your training with us and we take care of the rest.

We pass on this subsidy in full to our customers which means that we can offer this training at just £40 per driver and we can train up to 5 drivers per day.

On average, drivers achieve a 12% improvement in their MPG on the day of their training with us, and the EST’s research has shown that the training can deliver average MPG improvements of 6.2% in the longer term.

Calculate how much you can save:

Use our calculator to get an idea of the financial benefit that eco-driving training could have for your fleet fuel efficiency.

Current/projected fuel
price per litre (£)

Average MPG per

Average annual business
mileage per driver

Number of drivers on
your fleet


Current annual fuel
cost per driver

Total fleet fuel spend
per annum (inc VAT)

Total training cost for
all drivers

Total saving in first year
(based on 6.2% MPG improvement)

*This is the net saving after the cost of training all drivers


Eco-driving training overview:

Our eco-driving training course will give your drivers the knowledge they need to make subtle, common-sense adjustments to their driving techniques to increase their fuel efficiency. Accredited by the Energy Saving Trust, this course will help your business achieve a significant return on investment that in some cases could equate to a reduction in fuel cost of up to 15 pence per litre. No other fuel procurement initiative has the potential to deliver this level of saving!

Course options:

Vehicle types:
Car, light commercial
Half-day or full-day
Number of drivers:
Half-day: 3, full-day: 5
Training course price:
Only £40 per driver

Fringe benefits of eco-driving:

  • Reduced mechanical wear on engines, transmissions, brakes and tyres, reducing your maintenance costs
  • Increased safety margins, thanks to the combination of effective driving techniques and a more relaxed, less “reactive” driving style
  • Fewer collisions: efficient drivers are safer drivers

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