Advanced Standard Accreditation

Achieving IAM RoadSmart accreditation is the definitive way to ensure that your driver training is of the highest standard, and helps you to establish safer driving as part of your business culture.

The Road to Accreditation

1. Proposal

Let us know what you want to achieve for your fleet and our experts will work with you to create a framework for your accreditation process. We’ll need to gain an understanding of:

  • Your fleet size and geographical locations
  • Which employees drive for your business, and their vehicle types
  • Your existing training processes and standards
  • Any bespoke requirements

2. Audit

Once your initial proposal has been approved, our Standards team will carry out a thorough audit of your existing training programme. Typically taking 2-3 days depending on your fleet profile, this stage includes:

    • Assessment of your internal assessors and trainers
    • Analysis of your courses and course materials
    • Auditing current levels of employee driving qualifications
    • Sitting in on live training sessions

This process will enable our team to identify the gaps between your existing programme and IAM RoadSmart’s recommended training.

3. QA and Testing

Your internal training team will undergo a period of training and assessment, bringing their training delivery into alignment with IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driver standard, providing the necessary quality assurance for accreditation.

IAM RoadSmart accreditation process graphic

4. Implementation

With our ongoing support, your trainers will then be able to deliver driver training to an IAM RoadSmart-accredited standard, and will have access to our course presentations, Driver Evaluation Forms, logbooks and other course materials.

5. Annual QA

Each of your training locations will undergo an annual QA assessment to ensure that your trainers are delivering your training programme to the correct standard, and that they have access to the latest updates to our course content, procedures and materials where applicable.  

6. Membership

Employees who have achieved the equivalent of IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driver standard will be eligible for full membership; this remains in place as long as your company maintains its accredited status, for the duration of their employment.

Why have your training accredited?

Accreditation from IAM RoadSmart allows you to endorse your driver training with a stamp of approval that is widely recognised as being of the highest standard. For many customers our accreditation is perhaps the most meaningful, effective and reputation enhancing driver training step that any business can take.

An IAM RoadSmart-accredited training programme demonstrates to your employees, customers and competitors that you are serious about driver safety and committed to implementing a fleet’s safety culture underpinned by an external benchmark that sets the highest quality standards.

Benefits for business:

Not only does accreditation ensure that your driver training is being delivered to the highest standard, it also provides your business with further benefits:

  • Stand out in your industry
  • Professional development for employees
  • A significant contribution towards relevant H&S legislation
  • Build and maintain a strong safety culture within your organisation

Benefits for drivers:

IAM RoadSmart-accreditation takes driver training to the next level, and is extremely popular with employees. Upon completing our training they will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • The pride of being one of the most highly skilled drivers on the road
  • An industry-recognised driving qualification
  • Improved safety and reassurance in their training standards
  • Qualifying for IAM RoadSmart membership, often giving access to preferential insurance quotes and other member benefits

Who is accreditation for?

Our accreditation means that many businesses can benefit from improved driver training standards. It’s perfect for any company that has professional drivers and their own internal training, such as:

Bus operators

Taxi fleets

Emergency services


Logistics operators

Food delivery services

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Interested in having your driver training accredited?

Our not-for-profit status allows us to offer our business driver training accreditation at highly competitive rates. Contact us for a quote.

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