Vehicle Familiarisation

Give your employees the commercial vehicle training they need to protect themselves,
and your assets.


New vehicles: new challenges

For new employees or those who are changing job role within an organisation, it’s important that they’re able to operate vehicles in a safe, effective manner, especially if they have no previous experience of the type of vehicle they will be driving. Moving from a compact car into a large van, for example, requires significant adjustments to driving style and levels of awareness in order to avoid causing collisions, and many drivers find unfamiliar vehicles daunting as a result.

Vehicle Familiarisation training overview:

Vehicle types:
Half-day or
Trainer to delegate ratio:
Half-day – 1:1
Full day – 1:3

Benefits of training

Our Vehicle Familiarisation course will ensure your drivers are equipped with the skills they need to drive your vehicles safely, by teaching them procedures to follow whenever they are required to drive an unfamiliar vehicle, and making them aware of the ways in which they will need to adapt their driving to deal with a new vehicle’s size, driving dynamics and onboard features.. This practical-based commercial vehicle training course is available to drivers with all levels of experience, competence and confidence.

Could commercial vehicle training improve safety for your fleet?

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