IAM RoadSmart’s three-pronged driver training focus

By 11th July 2019Insights
Tony Greenidge speaking at the Great British Fleet Event 2019

FleetWorld's editor, Martyn Collins, caught up with Tony Greenidge to find out more about what we can offer to business fleets in the coming year.

This year, IAM RoadSmart is focusing on three commercial routes to market. Martyn Collins speaks to Tony Greenidge, business development director, to find out more.

The first includes rehabilitation of people who have been convicted for drink driving, where a magistrate has given them the opportunity to undertake a course, which upon completion potentially reduces their ban by 25%. IAM RoadSmart also has a small presence in the speed awareness sector, which is operated by the police and/or local authority. This market has grown significantly in the last 10 years, and according to Greenidge, there are now in excess of 1.3 million speeding drivers per annum who are sent on a course.

The real area of frustration and opportunity for IAM RoadSmart’s business is the corporate driving sector. Despite data being available to decision makers about driver performance, it’ can often be a struggle to get across the message of the importance, relevance and need for driver training, Greenidge suggests.

“I can remember in 2007 when the Corporate Manslaughter Act was introduced, everyone in the industry was going around almost scaring directors, telling them if they didn’t have a policy in place they’re going to go to jail and, of course, that created a bit of a frenzy. But, I think the challenge 10-12 years on is people are saying, ‘I haven’t seen anyone go to jail’.”

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