BP exclusive courses

BP has teamed up with IAM RoadSmart
to offer a varied programme of driving courses
for BP employees. These courses are designed
to help you become a safer, more confident driver,
both in your professional life and beyond.

Please view our Terms and Conditions before booking your BP course.

Driving for Work (half-day)

This highly effective half-day course is specially designed for all occupational drivers. It focuses on helping you to develop the attitudes, behaviours and technical skills which can be used to reduce road risk while driving on company business.

  • Enhances hazard recognition and risk assessment skills
  • Encourages the development of stress-reducing strategies
  • Promotes greater safety for drivers and other road users
  • Helps reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear

Driving for Work (Half Day)

(£240.00 + VAT)

Price: £288.00

UK Familiarisation Course (Full-day)

For drivers who obtained their licence overseas, the UK’s unique road network can present many challenges. This course provides a comprehensive tutored introduction to driving on the left, UK road signs, rules, speed limits and the range of road types and junction you will encounter in the UK. This is a relaxed and informal course, carried out in your own vehicle, with no formal test.

UK Familiarisation Course
(Full Day)

(£350.00 + VAT)

Price: £420.00

UK Driving Licence - 10-hour course in preparation for UK driving test
For BP employees or spouse/partner (5 x 2-hour sessions)

This training course is provided to assist you in preparing for your UK Practical Driving Test and will cover all aspects of driving that you will be expected to demonstrate during the examination. To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the training, it will take place AFTER you have passed your Theory Test.

During session 2, the DL25 (the DSA official test form) will be used to deliver a mock test. The final session will incorporate the practical driving test, during which, the first hour you will receive training, the second hour will be your driving test. A dual control vehicle can be provided.

Should your trainer recommend additional training sessions prior to your Practical Driving Test, you can book additional 2-hour sessions. Please be aware that BP will not reimburse you for any additional sessions. The training will continue to assist you in preparing for your UK Practical Driving Test.

UK Driving Licence preparation-
Full course
(5 x 2-hour sessions)

(£500.00 + VAT)

Price: £600.00

UK Driving Licence preparation-
Additional 2-hour session

(£100.00 + VAT)

Price: £120.00

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