Company Driver Assessment

On-road driver risk assessment is the definitive way to assess the skills, knowledge, driving behaviours and attitudes that drivers within your business may have, in real-life situations.

The definitive on-road assessment

Like any business, you want to ensure that your employees have the requisite driving skills. These keep them safe on the roads, and enable them to exhibit driving behaviour in line with the standards expected of your business.

This means that they’re able to implement their lessons throughout their professional life, reducing the amount you spend on fuel reimbursements.

  • As a follow-up to online driver risk assessment, to obtain a detailed picture of individual drivers’ skills, identifying those who would benefit from further training
  • To identify the correct training focus for new starters in your business
  • To support a plan of improvement for any drivers with poor incident records
  • As part of your recruitment process for roles in which driving is a key requirement

Company Driver Assessment overview:

75 minutes
Assessor/delegate ratio:
Option 1:
assess 3 drivers
Option 2:
Full day:
assess 5 drivers

A Company Driver Assessment allows an expert assessor to observe each driver’s responses to real-world scenarios. This helps identify their strengths as well as areas in which they need development. Following each assessment, you will be provided with a detailed Driver Evaluation Report, which will give you a picture of the driver’s competencies and attitudes, letting you know whether they require further training and at which aspect of their behaviour it should be targeted.

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Having identified your drivers' needs, choose from a range of courses that will help to develop their skills


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What drivers say…

I highly recommend IAM RoadSmart. The roads would be a much safer place if more drivers take this course.


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