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Free ‘Return to Driving’ Module

By 27th July 2020No Comments

Refresh your knowledge and get expert tips for a safe return to driving after lockdown

Along with many other drivers, are you about to return to the roads after an extended period of doing little or no driving during lockdown? Perhaps you used to commute every day, or drive as part of your job. How might the downtime have affected you? What about your vehicle? What’s changed since you were last out there on the roads?

We’ve put together a handy e-learning module to help you refresh your knowledge, get practical tips from our experts, and make a safe and confident return to driving for work after the lockdown. The module is free to access and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Our free module offers a taste of the flexible, topical learning content that we can provide to business drivers via CHOICES, our fully integrated driver risk management portal. Contact us to find out more.

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