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RoadSmart app

Enhancing safety for business drivers is a key priority for IAM RoadSmart in our mission to ensure safety for all road users. That’s why, in January, we were delighted to launch the all-new online risk assessment and e-learning portal, RoadSmart. Inside the portal is a comprehensive risk profile for all your business drivers, combined with risk assessments and learning modules to improve driver safety.

With the first few months of RoadSmart behind us, we’re pleased to report the great impact it’s having on people who drive for work. So far:

  • We’ve already managed to reach 967 drivers via RoadSmart, and we’re continuing to see impressive growth, week-on-week.
  • A total of 59,490 questions have been answered and 7,371 videos completed. It’s great to see so many drivers engaging in the various e-learning modules to further improve their knowledge, attitude, and hazard perception skills.

Currently, the rate of incorrect answers is 1 in 3 which highlights a large knowledge gap, and a need for continuous learning using RoadSmart. Most importantly, high-risk drivers are flagged within the app and recommended further on-road training to develop safer driving behaviours.

Are you ready to revolutionise your fleet with RoadSmart? Contact us today to receive a demo.

RoadSmart makes it easy for you to identify high-risk drivers who would benefit from further training, beyond E-learning. We can help you to address the development needs of these drivers with our range of on-road business driver courses, including our flagship Driving for Work course, and other targeted courses aimed at developing specific skills. Find out more about our on road-courses, here.

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