On-road courses: booking request form (half-day courses)

Please fill in the form below to complete your booking for an on-road course. These details will enable us to match you with our local Trainer, and schedule the course for a date and time to suit you.

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    How far would you be prepared to travel to meet your trainer?
    Being able to meet your trainer part-way will usually enable your course to be carried out at an earlier date, especially if you are based in a remote area.

    Ideal meeting point
    This is where you would like the training course to begin and end. This must be somewhere with no parking restrictions that is also easily accessible for the Trainer. Ideally, this will be your work address but can be another location if appropriate.

    Please add details of where the trainer can park their vehicle for free, within a 3-minute walk of your requested location. The trainer will be travelling to your location in their vehicle, which will be parked for the duration of the course.

    Available Dates
    Please provide 4 separate dates when you will be available, around 4-8 weeks from now, including your preference of AM (9am - Midday) or PM (1pm - 4pm), or all day for each:

    Information about your work vehicle
    Please tell us about the vehicle in which you will be undertaking the training:
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    Please detail any additional personal requirements or support that you may need in order to undertake the training.

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