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Parking and manoeuvring – tips from IAM RoadSmart

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Whether parking at a depot, stopping to make deliveries, or simply moving around a car park, if you drive for business it’s likely that you’ll encounter a range of parking and manoeuvring tasks on a daily basis. While it’s a key skill we’re taught when we learn to drive, unfamiliar or large company vehicles can make it more difficult to avoid dings, scratches, or even more serious incidents.

Regardless of vehicle type or driving ability, below are some of our top tips that business drivers can follow to ensure the safety of themselves and their vehicles while parking and manoeuvring:

Avoid parking alongside damaged vehicles. Drivers of vehicles that are already damaged might be less cautious when opening their doors or when carrying out their own manoeuvres.

Avoid end bays where vehicles could swing into you. Careless drivers might cut the corner of an end bay, especially where space is tight, and misjudge the angle to take to go around your vehicle.

Find a neighbour such as a tree or wall for protection. Reducing the number of free spaces around you means reducing the risk that another vehicle will hit your vehicle.

Turn off the radio to listen for hazards. Doing this will mean you’re more likely to hear other vehicles and nearby pedestrians, including children who could be running around the area you’re trying to park in.

Open a window to listen for other road users. Again, doing this will make you more aware of your surroundings, as well as any approaching vehicles that may not have been in sight at the start of your manoeuvre.

Don’t rush as you might overlook hazards. Trying to park or manoeuvre in a hurry could mean that you miss the opportunity to see hazards, especially in more dynamic and busy areas such as car parks or urban streets.

Watch out for vehicles that might need more space to load. Vehicles that carry, or are driven by, disabled people may require more room. To avoid hitting your vehicle, and to be courteous to other drivers, ensure you give vehicles such as these plenty of room when parking alongside or behind them.

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