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save lives and reduce costs!

Driver skill and behaviour are the biggest influencers of unforeseen fleet costs. For every £1 of cost incurred as a result of poor driving, what value of extra sales would your business need to generate to cover it? For many of our customers, our advanced driver training delivers a 100% return on investment.


Why train your drivers? Some key facts

In the UK in 2016 there were 1792 road fatalities, of which 529 involved a driver or rider on a business journey. That’s not including the additional 221 fatalities that happened during commuting.

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of which 529 involved a driver or rider on business journey

To put this into context, compare these figures with the 144 deaths that occurred elsewhere in the workplace. Driving on business results in three-and-a-half times more fatalities than all other workplace incidents combined. It is therefore the highest risk work activity in the UK.

Business drivers

Driver behaviour is the major influencing factor behind the majority of unforeseen costs such as collision damage, unfair wear and tear and poor fuel economy. Identifying specific areas for skills development and applying the right advanced driver training is the simplest and most effective way to improve performance and help reduce fleet costs.

The risks

Modern day business relies on real-time interaction meaning drivers are often distracted by phone calls, increasing vehicle technology, time pressure and driver fatigue. These all combine to heighten the risks for drivers and other road users. Helping drivers develop their skills through advanced driver training allows them to deal confidently with these challenges is key to ensuring their safety.

One in three road fatalities involves someone driving on a business journey.

Is your fleet struggling to achieve the manufacturer’s claimed MPG? The answer is most likely in the driver’s right foot.

1 in 4 fleet vehicles will be involved in a collision this year, at an average cost of £1,700 per incident.

Can I really achieve a legally compliant, risk-managed fleet, for just 15p per day per driver?

How does it work?



Licence Checks

Your basic indication that a driver is legal, regular checks for Driving Licence endorsements can give an indication of a driver’s risk level, and show whether they comply with your insurer’s requirements.

Driver annual audit

A configurable set of questions that requires drivers to confirm key data to include health status, understanding of your fleet policy, and their profile (i.e. company car or grey fleet driver).

Driver Risk Assessment

An on-road assessment carried out by an expert assessor will provide you with the information you need to choose the most appropriate and beneficial training for your drivers. Online risk assessments offer a convenient, lower cost alternative that can be integrated with e-learning.


E-learning Modules

Our e-learning modules can be integrated seamlessly as a follow-up to licence checks and risk assessments, giving drivers an immediate knowledge boost based on their risk profile. Their performance in the e-learning modules helps you to target on-road training where necessary.

On-road training

Choose from comprehensive on-road courses such as Driving for Work, designed for all business drivers, or we can provide a modular programme focusing on skills of particular relevance to your drivers and their working environment.


Skills Development Sessions

Skills Development Sessions and our UK and vehicle familiarisation courses are perfect as targeted refresher training, aimed at developing specific skills, either as part of a routine training programme, or to fulfil the training needs of drivers when they change roles.

Classroom learning

Group seminars and Toolbox Talks are cost-effective, convenient ways to remind drivers of the techniques they should employ to stay safe on the roads, and to maintain ongoing engagement with your advanced driver training programme.


Advanced driver training teaches special techniques that not only help keep drivers safe, but also help to reduce their fuel costs and environmental impact.

Investing in your drivers delivers a number of clearly defined benefits that include:

Optimised Resource

You can reduce unplanned vehicle and employee downtime

Reduce Costs

Fuel, maintenance, insurance, sickness and repair costs are key areas that can be positively influenced by our training programmes


Ensure that you meet your Health & Safety obligations


With a 60-year heritage we are passionate about road safety

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Flexible, bite-size classroom-style training at your convenience.

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