One in six jobs requires ability to drive, finds RAC Foundation

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Did you know that more than one in six jobs advertised in the UK requires applicants to be able to drive?

Research from the RAC Foundation finds that the number of roles requiring driving as a qualification is increasing year on year. This is either due to the role being specifically for a driver, requiring driving during work, or where a vehicle was required to commute to work.

The foundation stated: “Whilst the highest proportion of jobs requiring the ability to drive was seen in 2020 at the height of the pandemic (120,190 out of 611,702, or 19.6%) – when the nation was most reliant on truckers and delivery drivers, the proportion for 2023 was still higher than in any of the four years pre-Covid.”

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“This country relies on millions of people whose work patterns span all hours of the day and night and rarely, if ever, involve sitting at a desk or shop counter. They include trades-people, carers and cleaners, and if this economic army is to be kept mobile then we must ensure that not only is learning to drive affordable but so too is the cost of running a car.”

For a closer look at the analysis, click here.

The RAC’s research highlights how a driving licence can be a “crucial qualification”. Despite that, driving is statistically the most hazardous task your employees will carry out.

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