Fleet risk management at minimal cost

Our all-inclusive driver risk management (DRM) package costs as little as 15p per driver per day, but covers everything that comes with company car/LCV and grey fleet drivers, taking the guesswork out of your risk management strategy.

Fixed-fee Driver Risk Management packages

Budgeting for and administering your driver risk management strategy can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Our fixed-fee driver risk management package gives you access to an all-inclusive Driver Risk Management suite which offers the following benefits:

  • Support the Health & Safety objectives of your fleet policy
  • Fulfil your duty of care towards your employees
  • Minimise your internal administration costs
  • Deliver savings that will reduce your average whole-life cost per vehicle

Packages overview

Our fixed-fee DRM package is particularly suitable for businesses with 50 or more drivers, as it takes away the administrative burden associated with a large fleet. Simply let us know how many and what type of drivers (i.e. company and grey fleet) make up your company fleet profile and our team will provide you with a tailored quote.

The all-inclusive fixed-fee DRM package includes:

IAM RoadSmart services included in fixed-fee package
Car/Van Driver
Grey Fleet Driver
Annual driver audit
Driving licence checks (Unlimited)
Driver risk assessments (Unlimited)
E-learning modules (Unlimited)
On-road training (for 16% of drivers)
Document checks (MOT, Insurance)
Driver compliance management (chasing)
Full access to secure online system
IAM RoadSmart Account Manager support
Services included in fixed-fee packageCar/Van DriverGrey Fleet Driver
Annual driver auditYesYes
Driving licence checks (Unlimited)YesYes
Driver risk assessments (Unlimited)YesYes
E-learning modules (Unlimited)
On-road training (for 16% of drivers)YesYes
Document checks (MOT, Insurance)n/aYes
Driver compliance management (chasing)YesYes
Full access to secure online system
IAM RoadSmart Account Manager supportYes Yes

How else will you benefit?

Not only will there be substantially reduced administration for your business, you’ll also be able to benefit from:

  • Robust procedures for the validation of your employees’ driving licences
  • Easy access to MOT and insurance certification for your grey fleet
  • Driver risk assessments to help identify drivers with the greatest need for training, helping to minimise your training costs
  • Reduced incident rates due to training targeted at the highest-risk drivers
  • A reinforced culture of safer driving, regular vehicle safety checks, incident reporting
  • Fleet compliance with all relevant Health and Safety legislation, demonstrable via an accurate and accessible audit trail

Would you prefer to mix and match your services?

That’s not a problem; you can build your own bespoke Driver Risk Management

Compliance made easy

You and your drivers will have access to a secure online portal, which manages the entire process, from initial submission of driver and vehicle information, through to provision of accurate driver risk ratings that will determine their on-road training requirements. The system also:

  • Automatically notifies you of submissions outstanding
  • Schedules periodic audits to ensure that data is kept up to date
  • Flags expired documentation
  • Contacts drivers when they are required to resubmit information for updates

How the process works:

Driver Audit

The driver audit stage verifies:

  • Which employees drive for work
  • Whether they drive a company or grey fleet vehicle
  • Whether they are aware of your policies and if they have read and understood them
  • Drivers’ basic Highway Code knowledge, their general health and incident history

Licence Check

Drivers enter and submit their licence details, along with a declaration of consent for their information to be accessed. Licence data is then validated against DVLA records. Endorsements contribute to the driver’s final risk rating.

For grey fleet drivers, there is an additional step, which ascertains whether their vehicle has a valid MOT certificate and insurance. You and the driver will also be sent notifications when these documents expire.

Risk Assessment

Drivers are then sent an invitation to complete an online driver risk assessment, which includes a broad range of questions and exercises including an interactive hazard perception video, and establish each driver’s risk level according to their performance in the following categories:

  • Driving history
  • Knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Skill


As part of the training package, the driver will be able to take part in e-learning sessions, which educate them on key issues relevant to at-work driving including:

  • Speed awareness and eco-driving
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Driver fatigue and night driving
  • Vehicle awareness
  • Winter driving
  • Route planning

On-road training

Following the driver risk assessment process, on average 11% of fleet drivers are judged to be high-risk.

As a business, having identified these drivers, it is vital that you take action to mitigate the risk. We recommend referring the drivers for our on-road Driving for Work course.

The price of our fixed-fee package includes on-road training courses for 16% of your drivers. This allows you to offer on-road training to an additional 5% of your drivers in the event that they would benefit from it, at no extra cost.

On-road training courses to help you achieve a safer, more efficient fleet.

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