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Your fleet – Our planet

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Clean environment driving

Driving style has a huge impact on fuel consumption and is key to reducing your impact on the environment. Driving an electric or hybrid car, or integrating them into your fleet, may be ineffective if they are driven badly and could lead to their green benefits being undermined. As well as subsidised Eco Driving courses, IAM RoadSmart’s comprehensive Driving for Work course includes a section devoted to efficient driving techniques.

Here are some additional tips to help reduce your fleet costs, and your impact on the planet:

  • If possible choose a parking space you can drive out of quickly. Time spent manoeuvring out of a space with a cold engine wastes fuel. Try to reverse park so you can drive away quicker.
  • Get cars and vans serviced regularly. A well-maintained vehicle is safer and greener.
  • Make sure you are using the right engine oil; if you have any doubts check your handbook. Make sure your oil is checked regularly and if you need to top it up ensure you use the correct grade.
  • Avoid unnecessary loading. Putting too much weight on your vehicle can burn more fuel. Take off any unused roof racks and empty the vehicle of unnecessary luggage or materials as they will also waste fuel.
  • Check your tyre pressures – underinflated tyres waste fuel. Check your handbook as most vehicles have an economy option in their settings for tyre pressures.

IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman said: “The key to green driving is to take a gentle approach when braking and accelerating combined with looking as far ahead as possible to plan a smooth path through traffic. There isn’t any point in rushing to the next traffic light just to have to wait. These are just the sort of skills that advanced drivers take for granted but can make a big difference to your wallet and to air quality around you.  Consider investing in the IAM RoadSmart eco-driving course as it could pay for itself very quickly in fuel savings.”

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